So, what’s going on with me you ask?

NaNoWriMo was… interesting. Meh. I write at a snail’s pace these days, so no, I didn’t get 50,000 words in November. I did add nearly 26,000 to story, which is more than I’ve written on it since February of last year altogether. (Yes, I know that’s a really long time, but technically I just wrote the idea down so I wouldn’t forget it and actually started on the story this year before I put it down to write the first in the series.)

In other words, the second book in the Savannah series is coming along. See the little widget down the page there? It might be longer than 80,000 words, but that’s a good indication of how it’s going so far. I’m in love with this one (aren’t I always?) and I’ll start posting excerpts as soon as I get a finished first draft.

What else? Rereading Daron’s Guitar Chronicles. Falling in love with Daron’s story all over again. Annoyed with Ziggy. Remembering things that happen in later parts of the story as I’m rereading and getting excited because I’d forgotten some of the details. Oh, and people? We’re being blessed with Volume 4 ebook! Get it. Now. You like m/m? Music? You want your life to be sucked away while you catch up with the rest of the readers and anticipate the next chapter? Buy the ebooks, the paperbacks, audiobooks or just read the series online. (Oh, but take my advice, buy the ebooks from the website. You’ll get more fan satisfaction out of that.)

I did mention Daron and company inspired the serial I’ve been working on for eons. I’ll have to give the story a shoutout in mine somehow. Ooh, maybe my characters can be Moondog Three fans. Let me write that down somewhere so I don’t forget…