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What a long, strange trip…back to the beginning. Or something. I don’t know what’s been going on lately. I’m either writing so fast, my muse sounds out of breath as she’s shouting encouragement or I’m sending out a search party to look for her remains. Right now I think I’m somewhere in the middle. I’ve been debating a lot of things within the context of my writing and my career overall. One of the things on my two year To Do List is to promote myself in ways that’s not just BUY MY BOOKS!!! everywhere I post. Because, let’s face it, I don’t enjoy the hard sell and most readers prefer to be talked to, not at. I’m trying to work on a few things that will let people get to know me as an individual, as well as a writer.

I’m now blogging at Conversextion.

I’m looking to do guest blogs elsewhere (though I haven’t quite gotten that part together).

I’m trying to be more active on Goodreads, particulary in the M/M Romance Group.

I’m wondering what else I can do. Socially awkward in real life translates to social awkward networking online for me. So, how do I sell myself and my work in a way that I’m comfortable with that doesn’t make me look like I’m trying too hard? Sound off in the comments if you’ve got some ideas.

Beyond all this, I’m still writing. That’s the best thing to do no matter what, right?