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So, so excited now. Yesterday I just about finished another chapter (bringing me up to six plus the prologue) for my online serial. I also found some great pictures to represent the main characters. Eh. Not sure it’s a big deal to other people, but it helps me to have some visual aids when I’m writing. The exciting part is that every picture fits exactly how I think the characters look. The voices in my head have faces now! Yes, I am silly. I embrace it.

What else is going on? Thinking about reviving some more of my old writing ventures. I have a few short stories that could use a new shot at life and a novella that I’ve been meaning to finish rewriting for some time – I might end up doing that one as an online serial as well. Not sure about it, though. That story was…hot. I’d never written that much sex in one story (versus nonsexual content) before then and haven’t since. My first girl on girl interaction (thanks to helpful tips from a lesbian I was friendly with), and my first love triangle/potential menage. Hmph. Maybe I should get on that and the planned sequel.

Or, you know, finish the dozens of projects I already have going.