Yes, today I’m going to write a little something about the magical, mystical form of release women everywhere should get to experience. Okay, maybe it’s not mystical – it does exist. Magical? Yeah, that word does come to mind, though it seems a rather tame way to describe it after you’ve had one, especially the first.

It’s weird. For a long time I was jealous of men. I thought it must be so much easier to masturbate (because all of the required junk is on the outside) and that it must feel better because it seems easier for a man to have an orgasm. No. Wrong. After experiencing an orgasm so strong my body moved all out of whack, my toes curled and I was dizzy and lighted for nearly an hour afterward, I decided that whatever men experience is probably nowhere near as amazing. I wouldn’t trade what I can do with my body for anything.

The obvious question would be how do you help a woman have one or have one yourself? Believe and be patient. I know there are people out there who don’t believe the G-spot exists. It does and needs to be stimulated by a precise hand. It’s not even difficult. As for patience, learning how to do it the first time is the most difficult part, but once you get it, it comes easier every time.

I would give a list of instructions, but in writing it out, I’m likely to be distracted. LOL I’ll just leave readers with this handy instructional video. One thing: hand washing and nail clipping is a must before attempting this. (If you have trouble watching the video at my blog, click here to see it at megaporn.)

Happy hands-on fun!