In my profile, it reads that I’m a writer. I guess it depends on your perspective. I consider myself a writer even though none of my novels are finished and the only time I’ve gotten into a national publication was for bad poetry in high school. But I do it as much as possible. Every day, even if only in my head a lot of the time. (Those voices come in handy for something.)

I’m a little frustrated with myself when it comes to the writing thing. My original plan was to get a couple of romance novels published to get my foot in the door and then move on to suspense and drama stuff. But in my head, I’ve got the beginnings of half a dozen romances. Do I push them to the side and work on my other stuff first so I don’t get pushed into the mold of “romance writer” or do I go ahead and finish those books, knowing any fans I get will be disappointed when I publish other things?

That’s the one thing I don’t understand about the writing community. When you speak to romance writers, some of them make it seem like you only have to write romance or “other things.” You can’t switch back and forth and write whatever you please. Just like there are readers out there who automatically think they know everything you’re capable of and what you’re about as soon as you say you write romance. It’s sad how close-minded some people are and quick to judge. Being a romance writer does not mean my skills are sub par, nor does it mean I am incapable of writing in other genres. On the other hand, it shouldn’t mean I might get looked down on by other romance novelists because it’s not the only thing I do.

You could say I’ve got a handle on the situation for now. When people ask me, I tell them I write a little of everything. And if they want me to be more specific (nosey so and so’s!), I say I write drama, suspense, romance and erotica. Is that enough to overcome that, “Oh, you’re a ROMANCE writer” stigma? I hope so. The eye rolling gets old. Quick.

Since I’m already getting into specifics, right now I am writing fan fiction (some romance, some smut, some in between), romance intended for publication, and erotica under the name Sara Winters. (I may have been a little flippant earlier, but I do want people to know that erotica and smut are NOT the same thing. I don’t write anything I consider porn. Often.)

What else can I say about my writing? *sigh* I need a laptop battery, some inspiration and a month living alone. Then I’ll be all set.