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Mm. Girls like boys who like boys. Personally, I also enjoy reading about boys who like boys doing all the fun things they can together. After I read one novel, J.M. Snyder quickly became one of my favorite gay erotic writers. I’ve finally gotten around to reading a book of her short stories, purchased around the time Amazon decided that being gay wasn’t profitable, and I wrote a little something about each story as I read it. Thank goodness for the save draft feature!

Normally I like to read stories with a little more prose and less sex, but as J.M. wrote in the introduction, sometimes you just need to kick back and have a little fun. That’s not to say that some of these don’t have substantive story lines, just that the main event is usually the center of attention.

Joy Ride
– Okay, I have to admit to finding something about a man on a roaring motorcycle sexy. I’m not sure if the image of strong machinery roaring between a man’s legs is fully realized when picturing a skinny guy on a Kawasaki. My reaction was the same as Mack’s – intrigued, but there was something missing from that ultra-masculine image that did nothing for my libido. Then I got further into the story and started picturing Brad in his tight red biker shorts, bending over a bike with a look that begged to be answered – I’m thinking this story would make one hell of a movie. And I’m volunteering to direct. With a sexy premise, a teasing younger man and just enough action to get the blood pumping, this story is a hot must-read. Did I mention you can download the e-book for free?

A Little Something for Santa – I will admit to submitting to childish giggling as I read this one. The thought of anyone having pseudo-sexual thoughts about Santa seems so wrong it just has to be right on some level. After all, isn’t fantasy supposed to be dirty fun? This story doesn’t disappoint. Patrick was the perfect tease (my favorite type of guy), Santa was…well, you’ll have to read the story. My favorite line: when Santa says, “I know what you’re thinking, Patrick.” I almost choked on my laughter and had to put the book down for a second. If Santa could read people’s minds like that, a lot more of us would be on the naughty list. But, as the story illustrates, sometimes being naughty for Santa is just the way to be a very good boy.

Poolside – Fun. I have to say there’s something about a guy who thinks he’s completely heterosexual discovering a new side of himself with just the right motivation. I’m writing a similar story now. While I was reading, I kept shouting at Kevin not to fight it because it would feel good. Heh. One guess on whether he listened to me. ;-)

Pony Play – Like the main character, Drew, I’ve never really been into anything S&M related. (Okay, I have a few friends who would disagree, but that’s another discussion.) So, I completely sympathized with his reluctance to get into a rather interesting weekend diversion – doing a little dress-up and becoming someone’s pony. Of course, there is something intriguing about the idea – my mind kept giving me visions of Daniel Radcliffe in Equus, wiedling a riding crop and riding naked – but I was still a little surprised by how much I enjoyed this story.

Escape – Love this one. I developed a liking for erotic scifi after reading a few books in the genre last year. This story did not disappoint. It was short, sweet and gave me a strange craving for an erotic group scenario involving hot clones. Hm. Maybe I should suggest that to the author. Who knows, maybe she hasn’t considered that.

Best Friends
– Another fun scenario I’ve written – two friends acting on an attraction for the first time. It was beautifully written and so compelling I was almost late to work because I couldn’t put the story down until I’d completed it. I’m kind of hoping to go through her catalogue and find she’s updated this story with a sequel or written the novel length equivalent.

One of Us – Love, love, LOVE this story. I don’t think I can say enough about it without giving half the plot away, which would be a shame. Everyone must buy the book for this story alone. This is one of several stories where J.M.’s powers of description are given remarkable voice. The scenery felt almost alive, the characters rich and the execution of the story left me disappointed when it ended. I really hope, no I insist that this one be written as a longer story. If for no other reason than to explore the scenario (which I can’t reveal because it’s a spoiler) as a story encompassing the entire town. It’s a brilliant piece and I can’t wait to finish the book so I can come back and reread it.

Threesome – Okay, there was lots more giggling and superfast reading as I went through this one. I feel silly because I can’t find another word, but HOT seems to fit this one perfectly. I especially love the last paragraph or so because it put such a vivid image of the characters in my mind.

Easily Addicted – Another fun story with an unexpected ending. I identified with the main character a lot in finding that sometimes being attracted to someone, and the strength of that attraction can take you by surprise.

Hooking Up – See, there are few things that scare me and the idea of being photographed is one of them. Of course, if I were behind the camera…mm. And that’s part of the appeal of this story. Imagining two people getting hot and heavy in front of the lens and being able to look back on those pics later. Then, of course, you wonder if this was based on a true story and the author has some links she could share. ;-) The other appealing thing about this is her amazing attention to detail. I love reading stories with vivid imagery and this one fits the bill.

Devilish Good Time – J.M. is great at a number of things. I have to believe she knows that fantasy/horror is one of them. I’m not going to go into too many details, but let me just say the hot boy interaction was not the only thing that kept me turning the page. The suspense was terrific.

Battle of the Bands
– A great short with a surprising ending. Speaking of short – it was far too short! I felt like I was being teased. In a good way, of course, but I really wanted to read more of the interaction between the main characters. Can I beg a sequel?

Office Visit
– Wow. :-p Ever heard strange noises at your doctor’s office and wondered what they could be from? Wonder no more. I guess I’m bad because if I heard anything like what was going on here, I’d be tempted to open the door and watch. But that’s a story for another day, isn’t it?

The New Client – Instant movie material. And I’m volunteering to direct. There’s a beautiful, textured feel to this that makes it memorable. I suppose it’s obvious that I loved this story, and there isn’t much more to add. The descriptions were great, the characters interesting and some of what happened (or how it happened) kept me guessing. A very enjoyable read.

Overall I did love the book, though I’m sure that’s obvious by now. I guess my only complaint is that I felt some of them were too short – a sign of my own greed more than a shortcoming with the writing. The entire book is a steal for $14.50 in paperback and is available for $4.99 as an e-book from a number of sites. Also, several of the stories are available as single titles. Just click the title for purchase information.