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astroglide5oz_01I just realized that, being accident-prone, it’s probably best I should not keep that lovely brand new bottle of Astroglide right next to my bed. It will somehow end up in my laptop, on my copy of The Dream Dictionary from A to Z or perhaps floating in my melting strawberry daquiri.

Why, you ask, did I buy my first ever bottle of lube? Okay, even if you didn’t ask, I answered in the form of a new blog post at Conversextion. Yes, I got off my lazy butt…er, okay, I sat on my slightly less lazy butt and put out a new post about how the internet has made me more adventurous. Actually, I think it’s just made my inner freak seem like less of one, but potato-potahto.

What else have I been up to? Writing the sequel to Starting Over. Still looking for a title. And a cover. And possibly a dozen beta readers because I want to get this one perfect. The full novella will be available on a number of sites.

I’ve also been stressing out over all the nuances in Taking Advantage since I posted the first chapter in my critique group. It’s amazing how listening to a couple of opinions can make me rethink damn near everything about a story. That can be a good or bad thing, depending on your perspective.

This week, I rediscovered how many submission calls I bookmarked on facebook. I have to stop doing that. I keep putting unnecessary pressure on myself to produce more stories when I need to finish the million and one ideas I already have stewing in the back of my head. (Which reminds me, I got a great short story idea this week. Now to find time to write it…)

I honestly don’t know how other writers promote their work and still have time to produce like eight novels and seventeen short stories a year. When do these people sleep? Do they sleep? Are they hoarding the magic pills that enable them to sleep three weeks out of the year? I WANT IN!!!