The Love is Always Write event by the M/M Romance group at Goodreads is almost upon us. I’m so excited, I can barely type. Why yes, since you ask, my story for the group is a large part of the reason I have disappeared from my blog lately. I rewrote about a third of my story twice and figured out how to tie it into an existing series I’ve been working on sporadically for over a year. Now? Now, the first (FREE!) story is going to be published soon (between the 15th of May and the end of July) and the pressure’s on to finish the second story and really get the ball rolling. Also, I’m still working on the extended version of Starting Over, my free novella from last year’s event.

What did I have for inspiration this year? A great photo chosen by one of the moderators of the group and this fantastic prompt by member Ami.

Dear Author,

See him? The one in the bottom of the pile? That’s me, Michael. And those two are my best friends, Dev and Sammy. My gay best-friends. I’m straight, by the way. I wholeheartedly love women. It’s just my fate that I have two gays as best-friends.

The trouble is, I KNOW that they are both crushing on me. That somehow they both wish I’m theirs. But what Dev and Sammy don’t realize, they’re actually perfect for one another. Now I just need help to make them see what everyone else see.

Sweet, right? I hope I did the prompt justice. I had so many ideas just from the first part of the prompt that I could barely get them down before I was swept in another direction. Ultimately, I went with something sweet and sexy with just a hint of southern spice, the perfect first story in my new Savannah series. Here’s a taste of See Right Through:

Michael lifted two large pizzas in one hand. “Grabbed lunch. You guys hungry?”

Dev nodded, never taking his eyes off Michael. With six foot three inches of solid muscle and a smile that put the sun to shame, it wasn’t difficult for anyone to figure out why his best friend was an occasional distraction. Whenever he walked into a room, Dev had trouble remembering his own name, never mind the best way to protect his queen from Sam’s watchful gaze. All the attention was pointless, though. It didn’t matter how many pointed looks he gave or the not-so-subtle flirting he did, he couldn’t change the fact that Michael was straight. That didn’t stop him from wishing for a sudden change of heart.

“Always. Just let us finish this game,” Sam said, drawing Dev’s attention back to him and their game.

“Do you know if Lee’s home?” Michael asked. “I was hoping we could play a pick up game after lunch.”

“He’s not,” Sam said.

“We can still do that,” Dev said, his attention once again diverted. A chance to get Michael into some shorts and an excuse to tackle him repeatedly? Count him in.

“Granted, we’ve played rugby with four of us, but I don’t think even we could pull off a three person game. One on one with a referee?” Michael asked.

“Two against one sounds better,” Sam suggested. He grinned, his expression turning lecherous as
he eyed their roommate. Michael blushed and backed away a step, pizza held in front of him like a shield.

“I don’t think two against one would be quite fair,” he said.

“I think you’re big enough to handle both of us,” Dev put in. “I’d certainly be willing to give it a shot.”

“We promise it won’t hurt,” Sam said.

“Speak for yourself,” Dev added.