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It’s been an interesting year for me. I’ve done less writing this year than last year, but I feel like I got more accomplished. I finally got a game plan for my Savannah series nailed down. Sort of gave up on my writing/critique group (though I have hopes it could come back). And I published my favorite story.

I know, I know. Any writers who are reading this are probably screaming that I can never pick a favorite one. It’s like telling my other babies they are unloved. Well, maybe. It’s not that I love it more than my other stories, it’s just my current favorite. It’s the one I put the most blood and tears into this year. It’s the one I drove myself crazy getting as close to perfect as I could. And it also got the least attention. (Cue the whining about underrated artistry or something along those lines.)

That’s probably my fault. Because an early (shorter) version of The Strength of a Man was available last year, I didn’t do a huge promo push when I released the full version on ebook and paperback. And I meant to take out some advertising and do some giveaways, but I got caught up with other things. One of the drawbacks to self-publishing is that I have to manage my time between writing and promoting – social networking can be a gift and a curse. But I love this book and I want more people to read it.

Next year, I hope to get a lot more done, both in number of stories published and in feeling more accomplished. In the meantime, I think I’m growing as a writer with every new story. I hope you will take that journey with me.

BTW, if any of you are stuck for ideas for Christmas gifts, honest reviews are my favorite gift.