The Strength of a Man is now available at Amazon (yes, I am slowly working my way over to Amazon. I’ll probably have the rest of my stories there next week).

Ooh, you know what’s awesome? The great review I got from The Armchair Reader this morning.

This is the first book that I’ve read in quite a while that I felt really hit the college mark. It isn’t just about getting in college parties and classes and details right, but it is really about getting the characters right. College, for most people, is such a pivotal part of growing up that is all about emotional growth, especially for a freshman. Kurt was written really, really well, I thought, and I liked that as he progressed under James’ tutelage that those details were covered as well, friends, roommates. It isn’t easy going for these guys either. The author gives both characters’ points of view in a way that works to show their different levels of maturity. Even though James is constantly in the shadow of Kurt’s problems, it also shows that he’s subtly facing problems himself. First off, how to control his raging
libido and not hurt Kurt. How to deal with the real possibility that he could so easily manipulate him, and how hard it can be not the let the first overshadow the second.

It has got to be difficult to write a story like this and make James a supportive boyfriend without coming across as too perfect, and while I worried about that while I was reading, I never really felt like he was too perfect. He did just what he needed to do for Kurt while also looking out for himself, and I appreciated that. It helped keep the balance in a relationship that is often outlined by their imbalance in power and emotional maturity.

This really made me smile because I love it when a reader gets what I’m going for. Click the link to read the rest of his review.

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