Okay, I just saw Tomb Raider. (Yes, I know I’m late.)

Daaaaaaaaaaaang. My crush on Angie has just gotten a hell of a lot worse. The girl was hot. And I thought she kicked ass in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Oh, and the movie wasn’t half-bad either.

I see why the director, etc. made those Indiana Jones comparisons when talking about Lara. But, I’m not sure the 60-year-old (I think) Harrison Ford is as ready to re-enter the action genre as he thinks if he’s competing with the likes of this movie. Most action movies suck because the story is predictable, the characters are cardboard or both. This one is great because the heroine is not only 3 dimensional, but isn’t so over-the-top she puts you off. The story itself isn’t a big departure from most of the action genre, but unique special effects and a mystery that unravels itself slowly throughout the movie serve to keep the watcher firmly on the edge of their seat. (In my case, I moved to the edge of the bed.)

My rating: 4 1/2 stars (Lost half a star when that shower scene 8 minutes in cut off. Tease!)