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Okay, this is it. I know I’m not the most popular blogger in the world (cue the laughter and snorting in the back), but I can notice a difference in my traffic. So, if Google wants adult bloggers to self-identify to keep the kiddies away, THEY need to change that little warning so it doesn’t drive away potential visitors. Or maybe they’re just redirecting people. I can’t even see where traffic is coming from. It’s annoying as hell. I’ve gotten probably a quarter of the hits I would normally get over the past several days and I’ll be damned if I’m going to put that useless warning back on my blog without a good reason to do so.

02/08 edit – The reason I made this complaint in the first place: the warning was actually blocking the script from Feedburner, so I could only see traffic from the warning page and not from whatever sites had linked to me. Couldn’t see search engine results at all. Couldn’t even tell if search engines were linking to me. The geniuses blocking their own search engines from linking to adult sites? Wouldn’t put it past Google. All of this in addition to a dramatic drop in my (minimal) traffic. Good riddance!