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You ever feel unloved? Taken advantage of?

Okay, I’ve spent the past week trying not to cuss. It’s my fault for trying to bend the rules, I guess. I really should’ve let this thing go a long time ago, but it still bothers me. I still think if we try to come to an understanding, we can come to some sort of compromise.

Google, I was averaging about 300 hits a day last week! (I know we’re not supposed to discuss these things in public, but we’re past the point of politeness, aren’t we?) Does that number not mean anything to you? I know some of your precious favorites probably average about 10,000, but this is me here. That’s a lot for my little slacker ass. I have a simple little blog about sex and writing. I don’t update as often as I should because 1. sometimes I have shit to do, and 2. YOU kinda kill the joy sometimes. Yes, I enjoy writing this blog for it’s own sake, but damn, could you keep my ads up for more than a day at a time? I’d like to know I’ll eventually get to cash in on those nickels a day I rack up.

That is, if you take off the public service ads.

Oh, and don’t even come to me with that “terms of service” crap. I have another blog with an erotic story posted on it and you have no problems putting ads all over that one. You guys suck!


BTW, thanks to everyone who’s read my blog the last week.