I am excited about the prospect of finally getting to touch my lips to something I’ve wanted (though I used to deny it) since I sighed my way through Original Sin the first time.

Angelina. She wants me to lick her.

Okay, maybe not me exactly. And maybe that’s not specifically her wish. I think the universe is really behind this. This? The divine chance to put my lips and tongue on her back (and maybe her front if I’m feeling adventurous), close my eyes and then send her out, hopefully with a smile on her face. I look forward to the chance.

It’ll be cheap too. That’s the most surprising part. Fifty cents to get a little thrill out of licking Angie. Sounds like a perfect plan, right? Only one problem. Her man and (biological) kid will be there too.

I guess I can’t use the new Brangelina and baby stamp to mail out fliers for my latest erotic novel then, now can I?