You know, I figured I’d come up with a theme and do this thing every week, but I’m starting to think I won’t be able to keep it up. LOL I’m not even sure I can have all the links in keeping with the theme of my blog. Sad, I know. You’d think, writing erotica, I’d have all kinds of kinky things on my bookmarks and all sorts of lovely tidbits I’d be bursting to share by the end of the week. Well, being celibate, and therefore boring, I spend more time avoiding sexual stuff than indulging in it. Wait, that was too much info, wasn’t it? Oh well. At least my handful of readers know why I’m not updating my personal bookstore more often. Speaking of links…

1. My I swear I’ll be adding more stories – novel-length, novella, and shorts – when my brain slows down enough to let me focus on one thing at a time. I’m currently working on 6(?) novels. It’s a wonder I remember I have blogs. Anyway, you’ll find 3 masterpieces from me, one of which is memorialized in a steamy (within TOS boundaries) YouTube video. The two shorts stories on the page are free, but beware erotica readers: one of those stories is a SPIRITUAL, NON-EROTIC story. Don’t open it expecting it to be something it’s not. LOL

2. My Self-explanatory. Pick up a calendar or a nice print. Frame choices available.

3. Loving the Love Scene by Ashlyn Chase A look at how we writers (smutters? erotiers? gods/goddesses of the senses and imagination?) put together those steamy scenes that have fans dog-earring our novels and attaching scandalous post-its to their partner’s expense reports. A good read with an incentive.

From Ash on myspace: If you feel inclined to leave a comment you’ll be entered into 2 drawings!

1) for a copy of my paperback, Heaving Bosoms.

2) for a Versace designer inspired purse! See my website for details.

*Due to high International postage, I’ll give a download of your
choice if you’re on another continent.

Go to it people!

4. I must pay tribute to Christina Aguilera’s new mommy boobies. Congratulations. On the healthy baby too. I wonder if she feels like she wasted money buying the plastic ones. See, having a baby is a cheaper way of getting boobs! It’s totally on my to-do list to hit a C cup before I’m 30. BTW, she’s got a new live CD and DVD out as well.

5. Angelina (yes again). She makes being a UN Ambassador hot. Oh, and she’s talking about important subjects as well. Only a few (hundred) more steps and she’ll earn her walking-on-water merit badge.

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