And it’s still Friday! Ha! My theme this week: hot people! Okay LOL, I know that’s not original, but I’ve hardly been looking at anything erotic where I could recommend 5 every week. You know, maybe I’ll just stick to Angelina this week.

1. One of Angelina’s more interesting scenes from Gia. Mm. People who’ve seen this movie have to know that bland Aniston chick never really had a chance. (Ignore the ignorant jackass’s comment below the video link.)

2. In spite of the description of this video, it’s not quite that graphic. But, watching Angelina in Original Sin made me a fan for life. Yes, fan is the word I’m going to use. :-p In spite of what I just linked to, I like all the scenes where she’s fully dressed too. It’s a great movie.

3. Beowulf. No, it’s not a sex scene, but Angelina is probably the only person who could make gold paint and a tail hot.

4. Taking Lives. Crazy as it sounds, the sex scene is not the best part of the movie. Yes, it is totally possible to admire Angelina’s acting as well as her…assets.

5. Blood and guns and sex in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Not all that graphic, but these two can make a violent bloody scene breathtaking just by unleashing all their raw sensuality. Don’t believe me? Check out Brad in Fight Club or Interview With the Vampire or any other movie with him and blood. He makes it sexy.

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