Let’s pretend this was done yesterday, shall we? I swear I’m not always this lazy. Honestly, I may just begin referring to this as The Weekend Meme or something. :-p

1. How Not To Get Laid. Oh, this collection of sad misadventures reminds me of my own quests for sexual satisfaction. Or at least a decent hand job.

2. A funny/sad/strange look at Britney’s lopsided boobs. I could recommend my favorite pages of the Victoria’s secret catalog to her, but she won’t bother with them, will she? Oh well.

3. See Harry Potter’s cock! LOL Okay, not true in that particular link. That is a particularly funny interview where the host seems to be hitting on poor Daniel and going on about him molesting horses. But the photos are online. He was 17, so that does make it kiddie porn? But these are promo shots for a play, so it’s art, right? Right.

4. Fantasies Hussy Style. A free collection of stories I can imagine will raise the pulses (and maybe a few other things) of the readers.

5. Scarlett Doucereaux has a website full of free erotic stories. Let her know what you think of them. She’s considering making it a full time job.

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