Yes, I have been absent. I would’ve felt bad posting a link of lists without at least one token post before the last one. Here we are!

1. Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Dish for his lovely post “No One Left To Lie To” referencing Hillary’s interesting way of making contradictory statements. (Direct YouTube link here.)

2. A high-five to Spin Thicket with it’s spiffy new look and features. (I can’t believe I’ve been largely absent there for two months. No wonder I felt incomplete. Go and bookmark the site after you go through the rest of my list. And subscribe to the feed. And recommend it to your friends.)

3. J.M. Snyder for her fun (free) look at Leatherman & Sexy Boy over at Eros Monthly.

4. Website outlook and Your Website Value for making me think I’d be rich (well, richer than broke) if Google didn’t hate adult bloggers. (Even mild little me.)

5. Tom Skerritt for reminding me there’s nothing like a good piece of ass. :-D If you have not seen Steel Magnolias (that would be mostly guys, right?) rent it and laugh this weekend. I amazed myself by watching it the other day and remembering most of the lines even though I hadn’t seen it in over a decade. Freaky how some (good) things from our childhood stay in our minds. Long live red velvet armadillo cake!

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