It’s been a colorful summer. Not sure I need to get into all of the drama (a good deal of which was the voices in my head arguing about stories), but things are looking up. I’m getting reviews in for The Strength of a Man, which is awesome. The story goes into some heavy territory, so I was worried about how it would be received, but sometimes I worry for nothing (please remind me of this after I release my next story).

After the great reviews from The Armchair Reader and Hearts on Fire, I was sure I’d reached my quota. Then I remembered genies grant three wishes, so I got another gem in response to my novella. Check out the review from Outlaw Reviews by clicking here.

I’ve also been getting some great responses to See Right Through. Three five star reviews. Wow. I hope people are this responsive to the next story in the series. Lee’s story will be finished…okay, I’m not crazy enough to give a date. lol I’ll keep updating. I did make significant progress on it this week. Apparently, Lee may not be satisfied with a novella length story, so the next in the series will probably be novel length.