Greetings, readers. I’ve decided to introduce a new segment on my blog, flash fiction. What does that mean? I get to tease you all with 100 words of sexy, romantic or a fun combination of the two. I’m keeping it at 100 words because it’s more of a fun challenge that way. All feedback is appreciated.


Nails skated down the column of his back, leaving the faintest mark. He tried not to shiver, to let Jay know how much it got to him, but when those fingers trailed over his cheeks, lower, parting him, he let out a soft sigh.

“We’ve waited too long.”

A whisper in the dark just before the flick of a warm tongue met his skin. He pushed his hips onto the soft sheets, seeking friction. Relief. Escape.

There was no escaping the delicate invasion. He was naked. Open. Vulnerable. And relieved at not having to hide from what he wanted.


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