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Man_in_bedOh, so tired.

I think I’m just being silly now. I want it to be perfect so badly, I’ve written this scene in my head three times. The ending of the book keeps changing. And every time I try to write it, I think of more I want to change. I suppose I just don’t like writing the end. Or the beginning, for that matter. I know I can get all the ups and down and in betweens perfect, it’s just hooking people from the start and leaving them satisfied at the end that gives me issues. And I’m never sure I’ve done just that for the majority of readers.

I know, I should write for me. But me isn’t sure it’s perfect either, so now what?

Eh. I’ve called someone to come uh…help inspire me. Right. Inspire. Perhaps I’ll be so relaxed, I’ll be able to write further on the new book I’ve got on the back burner after I finish this one. One can only hope.