My brain feels like it’s in 100 places at once right now. I can’t focus, let alone figure out what to say in this thing. Surprising, right? I suppose that’s what comes from averaging four hours of sleep a night the past few weeks. What’s keeping me up? Wish I knew. I’ve tried all kinds of remedies (mostly legal) and I keep coming back to the same thing, lack of sleep + not as much writing as I would like = cranky me.

What does this mean? Writing everything is harder. Even a To Do list requires a few deep breaths and tons of caffeine. And I can’t think straight (what else is new?). Meh. It’ll get better, right? Sure. Maybe. Eventually.

It’s only fitting that I’m finally getting my Savannah series off the ground now (because I like making things difficult). When I first got the idea for this series, I was going to set it in Atlanta. Not because I have a particular affinity for the city, but because it’s more popular/well-known outside of Georgia. But when I got the prompt for my Love is Always Write story, I realized this would be a perfect way to introduce a number of my characters and a city I love. I’ve already partially written several of the stories in the series (of varying lengths), and I hope to have the next one out soonish. The original plan was for August, but as I’ve *ahem* slowed down a bit, that might not happen. Oh well. I was planning a giveaway for the summer (among the items is a beach tote), but I suppose I could still do one, even if it’s particularly late in the summer. It’ll certainly still be hot enough for the beach in September.

I’m excited about this series in part because I’m writing about my friends. I know, not really good for business, but I mean well. (Road to hell and all.) I’m not saying the series will be full of 100% true stories, but maybe 60 % true with some creative mixing of personalities on my part. What can I say? The people in my life inspire me. I’m really excited about the next one because Lee is one of the first characters I fell in love with and he’s based on someone I care a great deal about. It’ll be fun giving him a happy ending. Stay tuned.