The Hot July Days stories were inspired by pictures and letters submitted by readers. The free stories will be posted throughout July (and maybe a little after). There will be 113 stories total, some from popular m/m writers, some from unpublished new voices and everyone in between. For my part, I decided to keep mine on the angsty romance side. Today, I’m posting a very short excerpt from my story and details of my contest.

For the contest: You’ll have to be a member of Facebook, Goodreads and the M/M Romance group (18+) to read the story. I’ll be posting a question about my story on my facebook page once the story is up. After the question is answered (I’ll give it a couple of days), one name will be drawn. The winner will get $25 in Omnibucks to use at All Romance Ebooks or OmniLit.

Want a sample? Here are the picture and letter that inspired my story:

Dear Author,

Where is this guy? What’s he looking at, I wonder? And is that guy down the hall watching him with longing? Maybe he’s been too shy to make his move before now. Maybe he’s trying to build up his courage. So, what do you think? Can you help the shy little guy get his happy ending?

Thanks so much!

~Harper :)


Kurt sighed, then closed his eyes before falling back to float in the pool. He started when one of James’s hands moved to cover his stomach and opened his eyes.

“Your energy should be focused here,” James said. He moved his hand down, until it grazed the top of Kurt’s black swim trunks. “The only part of your body that should tense before you turn is the muscles here, when you take a breath.”

He held Kurt on the surface of the water, one hand at the small of his back, the other flat on his stomach as he described the best way to move his arms through the water. For his part, Kurt barely heard anything James said because his focus was centered on the other man’s hands touching him. It was impersonal, downright clinical if Kurt was to be honest, but there was something to the way James held him that felt strangely intimate, as if every light touch on his body sent a small message to Kurt’s mind that whispered all manner of confidences, none of which came close to the professional distance the team captain was displaying as he spoke.

In short, Kurt was beginning to lose his mind. Pushing James’s hands away, he stood and took a few shaky steps back. James took no notice of his behavior as he continued his lecture.